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I am a rental manager, and it is such a pleasure finding a company that I could work with.  It is so hard to find a reliable and quality locksmith service these days.  I’ve had a bad experience before with another company which made me wary of your service.  So, it was really great when you proved me wrong.  Your representatives were prompt and reliable.  Often, I need to deal with unexpected breakdowns that I cannot plan for, and I love that I can always just call your company, and someone would come over to fix whatever is broken.  You go out of your way to make sure I have happy, satisfied tenants.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone!   Thank you so much!

Debbie Comber

I’ve been utilizing the service of this company for the last three years.  They provide prompt, efficient and top notch service.  We generally consider them the most affordable solution for our home.  We’d provide a positive verbal reference anytime.  When we first learned of Nitro Locksmith, we just moved to our new home.  We got locked out.  We had no spare keys.  A quick Google search provided us with their number.  They sent a representative right away who sorted things out for us.  Since then, we’ve resorted to using their service for any “lock” concerns.  They’re friendly, professional, and boy, are they quick!  They would often go the extra mile to offer great advice and efficient service. Thank you for all the help over the years.  Excellent company!

James Dy

It was so easy to deal with your staff and representatives.  They were all amazing, helpful and friendly.  I couldn’t find fault with your professionalism, trustworthiness, and quality of service.  Communicating with you was easy.  A year ago, we were reaching out to locksmith companies for this job we needed to be done.  Two local outfits deemed the job too hard to do, but Mark was able to provide us with a lateral solution to our problem.  He was friendly and had a quality workmanship.  His advice was superb, and his solution worked perfectly!  Since then, we have been using Nitro Locksmith, to help us with our property management service.  We have always received a quick and quality response.  Our clients are very happy with the result.

Grant Rupert

We’ve have used Nitro Locksmith dozens of time.  I run a local inn, and we’ve had problems over the years, but just one call, and they’d be sending a person to fix the problem.  They can finish the job in no time at all.  Their fees are quite reasonable too.  They are truly a lifesaver!  Without them, we’d be stuck with broken doors and windows.  I can’t count the number of times we’ve had lost keys and spare keys.  They would come over, and they’d get the problem fixed in no time at all.  I really would like to thank you for such an excellent job and service – from picking up calls to completing work.  When people ask me if I know of any good locksmith company, I recommend your company every time.

Chelsea W.

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