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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Service By Nitro Locksmith In Murrieta CA

Professional Commercial Locksmith Services

Locksmith Murrite CA has gained the reputation in the Riverdale County area for rendering quality key replication and excellent customer service.  This reputation was built by their efficient and well-trained locksmiths and support staff. Their business is located right in the heart of Murrieta City, which is very accessible to local residents.  Their company abides by important core values that they take very seriously.  They make sure that all employees imbibe these core values of quality, integrity, service and passion.  It is the foundation of their business.  Every time they render a service, they make sure that these values are reflected in the way we interact with their customers.  Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to them, and their satisfaction comes first.

Their team of locksmiths also works closely with building management experts and engineers in order to come up with the best design for a master key system. They have invested in special equipment that is not found in ordinary hardware stores.  This equipment enables them to design and create a high security system for the business or commercial establishment.  Special equipment also allows us to replicate any kind of key.  A commercial locksmith from their company is not only well-trained and well-exposed in the industry; they are also highly qualified and have extensive experience.  If you are business owner or property manager who needs commercial locksmith services or if you just want to inquire, you are welcome to call their hotline. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their support staff is more than willing to answer your queries, dispatch emergency technicians, and provide recommendations for all your locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith Services: The Need for Panic Bars

The installation of panic bars is a major requirement of commercial and public buildings.  The requirements are specified in both The Life Safety Code and the International Building Code.  There are very specific code requirements when installing panic bars in buildings.  If you are a building administrator or business establishment owner, it is good to at least be aware of the general requirements of the code. You should also be able to comply with this requirement lest you face penalties from your city or county. You need to know so that when actual installation happens, you will be aware whether the commercial locksmith is following standards or not.  The main guideline to remember is that when a door does not have a push or pull hardware (a latch and lock application), then the installation of panic bars is not required. Some building inspectors may also ask that panic bars be installed in certain doors where a specific hazard is identified.

Some important items in the code include a provision for the actual measurement of the touchpad or crossbar and the specific height of the panic bar from the floor. Nitro Locksmiths provide services in panic hardware installation, replacement and repair.  Our technicians are well aware of the specific code requirements and will install according to specifications.  The commercial locksmith who will install the panic bar in your building or establishment is well-trained and experienced.  Members of their staff will also help customers choose the best crash bar that’s well suited for their establishment.

Commercial locksmith
Commercial locksmith murrieta
Commercial locksmith murrieta ca

High Security Locks and Keys

Most businesses require high security locks.  Commercial establishments need to have these types of locks in order to protect employees, stocks and supplies, and expensive equipment.  Creating high security locks need sophisticated equipment.  Most reputable security companies carry a patented security system that can only be operated by trained locksmiths.  Only a specially trained locksmith will be able to create and duplicate high security locks using our machines. High security keys and locks use a very specific verification system.  This prevents the keys from being replicated by a person who is not authorized to handle it. Let’s look at it this way: an ordinary key can be duplicated easily at a local hardware store.  However, a high security key will not allow a non-authorized dealer to duplicate it.  In this way, only authorized personnel can handle the keys and have the keys duplicated.

Another characteristic of a high security lock is that it cannot be picked easily.  This pick resistance technology is only offered by locksmith companies that have invested in this expensive equipment. When this is applied to locks, they prevent a person from picking the locks to open them.  Another way that thieves break into business establishments is by drilling a hole in the lock.  A high security lock has drill resistance technology.  Nitro Locksmiths can design and install high-security cylinders that cannot be drilled with a hole.  Their high security locks at are also attack resistant.  They increase physical attack resistance by installing an interlocking deadbolt and strike plate.  Pick resistance, drill resistance and attack resistance are all factors that are considered in installing high security locks in your business premises.

Best Locksmith Service in Murrieta, California

Nitro Locksmith also guarantees security for commercial establishments. It is one of the best locksmith and security companies in Southern California. They understand how important it is to secure a place of business. They guarantee utmost professionalism and quality locksmith services for business and commercial establishments around the area. They are capable of many services suited to commercial establishments. Not only do they have skilled and trained technicians who have gained a lot of experience in the industry, they are also a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith company.  Their legitimacy and the superior service that they provide make them the locksmith company of choice among business owners in the area.  They are capable of doing various security and lock-related services, including installing master key systems.  To adhere to the fire department code, they install emergency locks such as push bars with lever handles or without lever handles, and keyless entry systems that key personnel can override in case of emergency. The variety of their services is equal to none. 

Their exceptional locksmith services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They even render service during holidays. Customers, especially those that are in an emergency situation, do not have to wait until morning or until the next workday to avail of the service that they need. This is a company that can be truly counted on. They understand that the residents in Murrieta deserve fast and competent service, and that is what they provide to the best of their abilities.