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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary that I hire a locksmith company with good reputation? How can I duplicate my keys that are marked “Do Not Duplicate”?

Hiring a reliable locksmith will ensure the safety of your valuable properties. Generally, reliable locksmiths are licensed and bonded so, you’ll easily recognize them. Reliable locksmiths are also capable of giving exceptional services and they have an affordable price list.

It’s easy to duplicate marked keys. You just need to make an authorization letter. The letter will consist of the following information: type of key to be duplicated, quantity of keys to be duplicated, your name and contact number and the name of person who will get the keys. If you will be the one who will pick up the keys, you will fill up a Request for Restricted keys form.

I am having difficulty locking and unlocking my lock. What should I do? I have lost my house keys.

In most cases, the problem is not in your lock but in the alignment of the door and frame. Look for some things that might be blocking your threshold and your door. Twist and turn your frame and door for any damage. The door must successfully rest when you stop it and stay there. Once your door springs open, the problem might be in the hinges. The temperature might also contribute to swelling and warping of your car door. Wooden doors and frames are usually affected by the humidity and temperature. On the other hand, metal doors will get rusty after a long time.

Do I need to install new locks?

It’s not a good move to immediately change your house locks. This will only cost you lots of money. The best thing you should do is re-keying your locks, in that way you won’t have to change every lock in your house. You will only have new set of keys for your house and your house will be exclusively access by your family members and relatives only. The thing about your old house keys is the contractor or your neighbors have them too. Before you experience disturbances or break-ins, rekey your house locks for your own safety.

My keys are broken in the ignition of my car. Can locksmiths help me in this situation?

Yes, locksmiths are skilled in all kinds of key situation. They are capable of removing the broken key in your ignition and they will do it in a fast manner. However, you should choose an experienced and skilled automotive locksmith because there are many locksmiths who have no idea how to deal with situations like that. An expert locksmith need not only have the necessary skill and education on various automotive locksmith aspects, he also must be licensed, bonded, and insured. That way when any destruction is caused on your vehicle, you know that you will be reimbursed for it.

I often misplace our house keys so I always end up having difficulty opening our house door. Do you have any recommendations for my situation?

In this case, you can talk and consult with our locksmith experts, so you can obtain the right advice regarding what security systems will be ideal for your use at home. We have a wide selection of keyless entry system. You don’t have to use any keys because they are operated by password for easier access. We also have other state-of-the-art security systems for homes that are sure to work to your advantage if you are tired of the usual key entries. We can also install an efficient CCTV system for your home, so you can sleep well at night and have a complete peace of mind wherever you may be. Just give us a call today and we will walk you through other viable options and alternatives you can try for your home.

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